Turkish intelligence says senior PKK element killed in N Iraq

The Turkish National Intelligence Organization (MIT) conducted a successful operation in Iraq’s Sinjar region, neutralizing the PKK terrorist Yimaz Bayram, codenamed Agit Gever, Turkey’s Defence Ministry announced on Friday, according to TRT.
He was a key figure known as the PKK/KCK’s so-called chief messenger in that area. Bayram was also involved in the formation of YPS, a group in charge of the PKK/KCK’s urban activities in Turkey.
MIT’s operation came after obtaining information that Yılmaz Bayram was preparing to supply weapons and ammunition to PKK members in the Sinjar area.
Under the pretext of fighting PKK terrorists, Turkey has deployed its troops in areas of northern Iraq and Syria and is conducting aerial attacks on parts of the northern areas of these countries.
Ankara has received widespread criticism from both Iraqi and Kurdish authorities in Baghdad and Erbil as well as the international community for violating Iraqi sovereignty under the pretext of fighting the PKK.
Baghdad has called Turkey’s attacks an example of aggression against Iraqi territory and demanded the withdrawal of its troops from northern Iraq.

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