UK ambassador to Tehran summoned to Iran’s Foreign Ministry

During the meeting, the Foreign Ministry filed Tehran’s strong protest at the persistence of UK’s unacceptable interference in Iran’s internal affairs, their support for chaos and imposing unreasonable and hypocritical sanctions against Iranian nationals.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry emphasized that the efforts of the UK and London-based media to fan the flames of the riots will be failed and will have no result other than increasing the hatred of Iranian people for the continuation of the UK’s anti-Iranian policies.

It was also stressed that Iran is considering imposing reciprocal sanctions as well.

The Iran’s Foreign Ministry also strongly rejected the groundless accusations that Iran is supplying Russia with Iranian-made drones used to bombard Ukraine, stressing that what has prolonged the conflict in Ukraine is the sending of lethal weapons by Britain and its partners, which constantly delays the political solution to resolve this crisis.

The UK ambassador said he would convey Iran’s protest to his government at the earliest.

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