UK announces new sanctions on IRGC

Foreign Secretary James Cleverly announced a travel ban and assets freeze on four individuals and the IRGC “in its entirety”, Livemint reported.
The UK government on Monday toughened its sanctions against Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, as part of new restrictions on Tehran for baseless human rights allegations.
Cleverly said the ban was made in coordination with the United States and European Union, without giving further details.
Since October, the UK has imposed new sanctions on more than a dozen senior IRGC officials under the false pretext of human rights violations. 
Since sporadic foreign-backed riots took place in Iran last summer, Western countries led by the United States started to tighten sanctions against Iran’s judicial and other authorities in a bid to continue the riots they had provoked and supported after the sudden death of a young Iranian lady, Mahsa Amini, while in Iran’s police custody. 
The Islamic Republic of Iran sees the Western countries’ accusations as part of intensified pressures aimed at pressuring it to give in to the West’s excessive demands in the nuclear talks. 

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