Unilateral sanctions biggest project of human rights violations: Iranian official

Bagheri Kani was speaking at a meeting with ambassadors and representatives of other countries to Tehran, which was held at the Foreign Ministry building on Wednesday and aimed to clarify recent developments in Iran.

The diplomat referred to unilateral coercive measures imposed by the US against Iran, including sanctions on medicine imports, which he said have resulted in the death of many people, among them children suffering from chronic diseases.

On the negotiations aimed at reviving the 2015 Iran nuclear deal and removing sanctions against the country, Bagheri Kani said that Iran has in the past few days sent a number of initiatives to the EU coordinator of the talks in order for the negotiations to reach a conclusion.

Meanwhile, he said, an Iranian technical team will go to Vienna over the next days for talks with the UN nuclear watchdog over safeguards issues raised by the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Unilateral sanctions biggest project of human rights violations: Iranian official

Bagheri Kani also spoke about the October 26 terrorist attack in the southern city of Shiraz that left 13 people dead and was claimed by the Daesh terror group.

He said that the attack at the Shah Cheragh holy shrine is another proof that Iran is on the right path to counter Daesh terrorism and violent extremism in West Asia.

The Shah Cheragh attack also showed that Iran, the region and the world are beholden to lieutenant general Qassem Soleimani, he added.

The general was a top anti-terror figure which played a key role in defeating Daesh in Iraq and Syria, and was killed in a US drone attack in Iraq in January 2020.

Bagheri Kani said that Iran has a glorious record of fighting terrorism, stressing that the terror attack in Shiraz will make the country more resolute in its fight against terror.

The diplomat referred to riots across Iranian cities in recent weeks as well.

He said that certain Western-backed media outlets hostile to Iran spread lies about those riots, which he said led to the killing of 30 policemen, among other people.

The riots and chaos also led to the burning and destruction of hundreds of public places, as well as firefighting cars and ambulances, Bagheri Kani added.


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