Uniting Islamic Ummah Iran’s strategy: Raeisi

The Iranian president made the comments in a gathering of Iranian Sunni religious scholars and clergymen held at the Iran International Conference Center in the north of Tehran on Thursday.

Addressing the gathering, the Iranian president warned against attempts guided by enemies to sow division in Islamic Ummah, saying that “Anyone who creates division in one way or another, no matter they do that intentionally or unintentionally, is playing as part of the enemy’s strategy.”

“Forming Takfiri groups, spreading division, normalizing relations with the Zionist regime are all the things they do to confront Muslims, and today the unity and integration of the Islamic Ummah is a duty and strategy for all Muslims,” he added.

Raeisi also said “Conditions are shifting in favor of the Resistance. Today, the Mujahideen have the upper hand in the Palestinian battlefield.”

He went on to note that a very bright future is awaiting the Islamic Ummah and Iran.

The president also said that the enemies seek to disappoint the people in their government by spreading lies and propaganda, calling on the Friday Prayers leaders in the country to convey the Islamic government’s achievements to the people and reveal the lies that the enemies spread.

He went on to reiterate that the Palestinian issue is the number one issue for the Islamic Ummah and the Islamic Republic of Iran, condemning the normalization of ties with the Tel Aviv regime by some Muslim states.


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