US’ attempt to terminate Iran’s membership in CSW based solely on false allegations: Iravani

If the US manages to remove Iran from the UN Commission on the Status of Women, this will question the practice of equality among member states in this international organization, Iravani said in a letter to the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

Here is the full text of Iravani’s letter:

In the name of God, the most Compassionate, the most Merciful


I am writing to you with reference to the upcoming meeting of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) scheduled for 14 December 2022, wherein the Permanent Representative of the United States to the United Nations proposed a request in a letter dated 16 November 2022 addressed to the President of the Economic and Social Council to discuss its illegal request to terminate Iran’s membership in the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) based solely on false allegations and fabricated assumptions made against my Country.

This illegitimate request indicates yet another attempt by the United States to exploit the UN system to further its political agenda. The Islamic Republic of Iran has already warned against the politicization and abuse of UN bodies for the advancement of certain political objectives, which will ultimately damage the credibility of the UN system.

 You are aware, Your Excellency, of the US’ hostile policies as well as its comprehensive campaign against the Islamic Republic of Iran, including its maximum economic and political pressures, especially after the US’ withdrawal from the JCPOA in 2018. However, when it comes to the UN system, such illegal action, if accomplished, would be very dangerous for the UN System’s integrity. It might create not only a disastrous precedent with further implications but also defy the letter and spirit of the United Nations Charter, including its core concept of sovereign equality of States in membership with meaningful participation in all international for as well as representation of all international bodies by all states equally, proportionately and based on the geographical distribution of representatives from all regions of the world. These have been recognized as the foundational pillars of the UN System and multilateralism. In the meantime, there is no precedence in the Council’s practice of terminating an elected member’s membership in a functional Commission for any purported reason, nor is it supported by the Council’s rule of procedures.

In light of the foregoing, I kindly urge Your Excellency, in your capacity as the UN Charter’s custodian based on the responsibilities entrusted to the Secretary-General therein, to protect and preserve its principles. In this regard, this includes by preventing such unconstructive and destructive attempts orchestrated by the United States, the result of which would not only jeopardize the active and inclusive participation of all member states in the UN activities but also result in other unexpected consequences that I have forewarned of above.

I should be grateful if you would have the present letter circulated as a document of the United Nations Economic and Social Council under Agenda Item 4, elections, nominations, confirmations and appointments.

Please accept, Excellency, the assurances of my highest consideration.

End Item

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