US cannot afford to spend billions on Ukraine: congresswoman

“No! With seniors on a fixed income barely able to afford rent bc of high inflation, $32 trillion in debt, all time record homelessness, and over 300 Americans dying every day bc of Biden’s pathetic border policies, we can not afford to send $40 billion more to Ukraine!” she wrote on the X.
The statement came in response to US President Joe Biden’s request to Congress to allocate an additional $13 billion from the federal budget for urgent military aid to the Kyiv government and $8.5 billion for economic and security assistance to Ukraine and other countries.
Overall, the Biden administration has requested additional funding worth $40 billion. About half of it will be directed to Ukraine-related expenditures. The rest will go to fund natural disaster response on the US territory ($12 billion), border protection ($4 billion), and accommodation of migrants ($2.2 billion).
The US Department of the Treasury reported in June that the country’s state debt exceeded the $32-trillion benchmark for the first time ever.

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