US destabilizes other countries by its interventions

Ali-Akbar Ahmadian, Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) delivered a speech at the 13th Meeting of BRICS National Security Advisers and High Representatives on National Security in Johannesburg, South Africa where he also held talks with some of his counterparts on Monday.
At the start of his speech, Ahmadian said that, “No doubt that the joining of countries such as the Islamic Republic of Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela can enhance BRICS’s share of the world’s energy reserves to a privileged level.”
The SNSC secretary further touched upon cyberspace and the advantages and disadvantages it comes with, denouncing Washongton’s abuses of Internet platforms such as Google, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to interfere in other nations’ affairs.
“The United States and some of its allies have taken anti-security measures and provoked some people against the national security of their countries by abusing the cyber and internet platforms,” Ahmadian said in part of his speech.
He went on to announce the Islamic Republic of Iran’s readiness to propose suggestions to other countries security regarding cyber security.

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