US House speaker vows to deter Iran against Israeli regime

Kevin McCarthy made the remarks while addressing Israeli media following his address to the Israeli regime parliament, Knesset.
While stating that the bond between the United States and the Israeli regime is unbreakable, McCarthy added that as long as he is House speaker, the US will fully fund Israel‘s efforts against Tehran.
Without mentioning the crimes and terrorist acts of the United States and the Zionist regime in the region for several decades, McCarthy introduced Iran as the main source of threats against the Zionist regime in the region and claimed Iran will continue to destabilize the Middle East.
Without considering the peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear program and repeating Washington’s claims, the US House speaker further claimed that “Iran will never acquire a nuclear weapon.”
Launching the summer Knesset session ahead of McCarthy’s address, Benjamin Netanyahu also claimed that Iran threatens “not only Israel but also the United States and the entire free world.”
These claims come as Tehran stresses that its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes and there is a Fatwa by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran which bans any possession and use of weapons of mass destruction.
The accusation by the Western powers and the Israeli regime comes despite the fact that it is Tehran that is cooperating with the IAEA while the Tel Aviv regime, which reportedly has hundreds of nuclear warheads, has not joined the NPT yet.

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