Addressing the second conference on the review and revelation of American human rights (American Human Rights Record) in Tehran on Tuesday, Abbas-Ali Kadkhodaei, a member of Iran’s Constitutional Council said that it is time for the US to be held to account in international courts.
The US violates human rights with the help of some other Western states, he underlined.
It is the duty of all oppressed nations to stand against the US countless crimes, he further noted.
The nations must stop the US from taking further wrong measures and committing more crimes, he underscored.
The official slammed US sanctions as a violation of basic human rights, particularly those punitive measures that restrict people’s access to food.
Elsewhere in his remarks, Kadkhodaei said that American officials have admitted to supporting the ISIL terrorist group.
He went on to say that ISIL was born as a result of the US policies.