US presidential candidate slams Kyiv’s NATO membership idea

“Joe Biden needs to man up to his bully-friend Zelensky & clearly state that we are dead-set opposed to Ukrainian admission to NATO,” the candidate in the Republican presidential primaries wrote on Twitter. “This should be a hard red line. It’s shameful that even Republicans like Lindsey Graham are now pushing for it. Stop marching us to the brink of nuclear war.”
“For all the hand-wringing about the 1994 Budapest Memorandum (on which the US has more than fulfilled its commitments), the neocon-Democrat establishment is shockingly silent on James Baker’s famous 1990 “Not-One-Inch” commitment to Gorbachev that NATO would never extend east of Germany,” he continued. “NATO was created to deter conflict with the USSR, yet NATO has expanded most rapidly *after* the fall of the USSR & is now *worsening* the risk of nuclear war with Russia itself.”
“This is sheer lunacy. As President I’ll refuse to be bullied by an anti-democratic comedian-turned-leader & it’s truly mystifying to me that the rest of the West is eating out of this Pied Piper’s hand every day,” Ramaswamy added, TASS reported.
US President Joe Biden said earlier that Ukraine was not meeting requirements for joining NATO at this point, but did not rule out this possibility in the future.

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