US spent $400 mn on Iran’s riots last year: VP Mokhber

Mohammad Mokhber made the comments in a meeting on Monday held in Tehran to commemorate the national Journalist Day.
“We faced riots in last year’s September. Do you know of a country in history that took 50,000 people from a country and took them to another country and paid for their accommodation and food to revolt against that country?” the first Iranian vice president said.
“The Western countries brought together all the singers of the world and with several million followers, they sang songs against the Islamic Republic,” he added.
” Americans spent $50 million in one place and $350 million in another place to wage a media campaign against Iran,” he added.
“Meanwhile, the 13th government brought the situation under control calmly and forcefully,” he noted.
Mokhber further noted that the enemies mobilized all foreign-based media in a bid to bring people to the streets during the riots, but failed.
He also said that at the same time, they sought to increase the price of the US dollar against the rial to 70,000 or 80,000 tomans in an attempt to undermine the economy and turn the people against the government, but again failed through the Iranian government’s proper planing and policies adopted.

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