US spy planes violated N Korea’s airspace over 30 times

“Entering July, the US reconnaissance assets are steadily committing provocative espionage acts, which can no longer be overlooked. As a result, the military tensions on the Korean peninsula are inching close to the worst crisis. Aerial reconnaissance means of the US forces illegally intruded into the economic water zone where the sovereignty of the DPRK [North Korea] is exercised more than 30 times between July 2 and 10,” Pyongyang-run news agency reported on Thursday.
In response, North Korea dispatched air jets and expelled US reconnaissance planes, sending a “clear and strong warning” to the US, it added.
“This is a clear manifestation of the DPRK’s will to defend peace and its patience to prevent a military conflict that may lead to the worst crisis on the Korean peninsula where nukes and nukes are standing face to face and to control the present dangerous situation,” the news agency’s military correspondent wrote.
Earlier in the week, Kim Yo Jong, deputy department director of the ruling Workers’ Party of Korea and sister of the country’s leader said that a US reconnaissance plane entered the airspace above North Korea’s economic zone. A spokesman for the North Korean Ministry of National Defense added that US reconnaissance aircraft violated the country’s airspace several times from July 2-9.

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