US, UK, Israeli regime continue to conspire against Iran

September 8, 1978 is the day of the bloody suppression of the revolutionary uprising of the Iranian people by the oppressive regime supported by the sinister triangle of UK, US, and the Israeli regime, Nasser Kan’ani wrote in a post on his X account (formerly known as Twitter) on Friday. 
The public meeting of the Minister of Information of the Zionist regime in London with a number of anti-revolutionary elements clearly shows the continuiation of the sinister triangle’s plots against the Islamic Revolution and the Iranian nation, he noted. 
The massacre of September 8th, 1978 (Shahrivar 17, 1357), known as “Black Friday”, was an event during the protests that eventually led to the Islamic revolution of Iran in 1357.
About 6,000 demonstrators were killed by the military forces of the Pahlavi Army. 

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