Uzbekistan dismisses rumor on assembling of Iranian drones

The accusation against Uzbekistan and Iran was raised in an interview between Ukrainian journalist and blogger Dmitry Gordon and Israeli businessman Leonid Nevzlin.

The Uzbek Foreign Ministry announced that Uzbekistan has not collaborated with Iran in terms of military and technical sectors and the Central Asian country does not assemble Iran-made military equipment.

“At the same time, no official appeals have been received from the Ukrainian side or from other foreign partners on the so-called “assembly of Iranian drones,” the Foreign Ministry notes, according to Uz Daily.

The daily reported that “the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan appealed to the official authorities of Ukraine with a request to take appropriate measures to prevent the Ukrainian media from spreading such unfounded accusations and other unreliable information about Uzbekistan that could damage bilateral relations.”

The State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Defense Industry dismissed any information on assembling Iranian drones, which can be used in the Ukraine conflict, in Uzbekistan’s factories, declaring, “Uzbekistan has not produced and does not produce weapons and military equipment jointly with the Iranian side.”

The committee also underlined that “such unverified reports”, published by representatives of some media outlets, divert public opinions and “could harm Uzbekistan’s friendly relations with foreign countries.”


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