Uzbekistan’s acting FM: Plans afoot to hold ECO summit in Tashkent

Amir-Abdollahian stressed that Iran and Uzbekistan should use existing potentials to boost their ties, as demanded by presidents of both countries.

In the meeting, Acting Foreign Minister of Uzbekistan Bakhtiar Saidov thanked the Islamic Republic of Iran for its support for the expansion of cooperation between Tehran and Tashkent, especially in transit, the ECO region, human rights and international organizations.

He also said plans are afoot to hold the ECO summit in Tashkent.

Saidov stressed the need to strengthen coordination between Iran and Uzbekistan in this regard.

The two sides further spoke about the latest state of bilateral political, economic and security ties.

Another issue which was discussed in the meeting was the situation in Afghanistan as a common neighbor of Iran and Uzbekistan.

Amir-Abdollahian and Saidov underscored the need for cooperation and help from neighboring countries to strengthen peace and stability in Afghanistan.

They further held talks over international transportation corridors including the north-south corridor and the new preferential tariff agreement.

The two top diplomats underlined the necessity of boosting trade volume of Iran and Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan’s transportation minister who is also in Iran for meeting with his Iranian counterpart accompanied the Uzbek delegation.

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