Venezuela, Iran plan to set up ‘maritime bridge’

According to Venezolana de Televisión (VTV), the two countries are convening in Tehran to discuss strategic cooperation and improve relations in the 9th joint economic commission.

Venezuela’s Transportation Minister Ramon Velasquez Araguayan, presiding the Venezuelan delegation to the commission, declared that the cooperation is a tool in the hands of both countries to pave the way for implementing their 20-year agreement, which was signed by President Ebrahim Raisi and his Latin American counterpart Nicolas Maduro in June.

The Venezuelan minister noted that some seven joint committees from his country’s governmental sector and Iran’s private sector discuss issues concerning agriculture, industry, science, technology, electricity, energy, oil and so on.

Velasquez Araguayan also underlined that we face big projects and challenges to create real relations based on brotherhood and reciprocal assistance in order to strengthen mutual relationships and pursue our freedom-seeking dreams.

On car export to Venezuela, the transportation minister said that the first shipping of SAIPA-manufactured cars is underway and it is predicted that some 3k vehicles would arrive in the Latin American country by the end of the current year.

The minister also said that a maritime bridge will be created with the aim of developing bilateral trade between Tehran and Caracas, EFE news agency reported.

Gabriela Jimenez Ramirez , Vice President of the Department of Science, Technology, Education and Health of the President of Venezuela, wrote on her Twitter account that scientific agreements with Iran are a part of the policy of reciprocal learning and building another possible world.

Iran and Venezuela as two independent countries, which are suffering from the illegal sanctions imposed by the United States, started effective collaborations in order to nullify the embargo.

The administration of President Raisi has changed the policy of relying on the interaction with the West states and focused on contributing to countries, which have similar policies.

The determination of a 20-year period for expansion of exchanges between Caracas and Tehran indicates that the two countries are seeking to deepen strategic ties regardless of the fact that what kind of administrations would lead management of these nations.


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