Vice Pres: Qatar’s Al Ruwais Port to become Iran-link bazaar

Bushehr Governorate Public Relations on Thursday evening quoted Vice President for Economic Affairs Mohsen Rezaie as saying in Bushehr Province Economic and Job-Creation Workgroup that the popular and revolutionary government of Ayatollah Ebrahim Raisi has taken important steps to break the enemies’ sanctions.

“For instance, the Qatari officials are ready to construct large storages in their Al Ruwais Port so that the exported goods from Iran’s Bushehr Port will be stored there and then distributed in the countries in the Persian Gulf region,” added Rezaie.

The vice president for economic relations further reiterated that the Qatari officials are also ready to cooperate with Iran in animal husbandry field and accordingly, they are also ready to establish industrial animal husbandry companies in Bushehr and export their products.

Also referring to the establishment of economic bazaars to produce and export Iranian goods in the region, Rezai said, “Iranian lands and manpower and Qatari investments can shape large economic markets for presentation of produced and exported Iranian goods both in the region and in the world.”

He said that under the supportive umbrella of the popular government the walls of sanction are collapsing and the enemies have lost hope in imposing sanction are now fomenting unrest to achieve the same objectives.

Rezaie said that the Islamic Republic of Iran is in the missile of a cruel economic war of the enemy, reiterating, “While the entire foreign powers had signed an international agreement and Iran was acting according to it, a lunatic man appeared and breached all his country’s commitments, and the other countries, too, followed his deeds, imposing the most severe sanctions aimed at blocking the path for Iran’s economic advancement.”

“They had assumed if the Islamic Iran will parallel with its great achievements in democracy, diplomacy, and missile industries and nuclear program, also achieve progress in the economic field, it will soon become a major regional power, which is the reason why they launched their economic war against this country,” he said.


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