Virtual tourism missionaries project is held

The Virtual Tourism Preachers project is organized by the Student Assembly of Yazd Province and the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism.

in the twenty-first century, unmatched expansion of the tourism industry in the world are located in this century should be the era called the tourism industry. Due to the technological, cultural, political, social and economic infrastructures created in the 21st century, the phenomenon of tourism will be an inevitable fact in human behavior and practice to satisfy the spirit of curiosity. Travel to other places, both real and virtual, with different motives, is one of the necessities of 21st century life and forms a current that has crossed national and international borders. Tourism as a source of income and job creation at the national level can be an approach to economic development. Today, the tourism industry is so important in the socio-economic development of countries that economists have called it “invisible exports”.

Ali Dehghanian, the representative of Fars province in the student parliament of the country, said in an interview with Khabar Rooz:

The plan of tourism missionaries is a plan that was first proposed by a member of the Yazd Province Student Assembly, who agreed to implement this plan with the welcome and help of the head of the Student Organization and the director general of Yazd Tourism Cultural Heritage.

Referring to the Supreme Leader’s orders regarding the economy not relying on oil, Dehghanian explained:

The overall goal is to hold a plan, prosperity and development of tourism in the country with the help of youth

Alhamdulillah, our dear country is very rich in terms of tourism resources, so many of these places are not as well known as they should be, but it is hoped that the project of virtual tourism missionaries will be able to help identify these resources.

There is also no age limit for participants, but so far most participants have been teenagers.

The executive representative of this project in Fars province stated in the end: considering that Fars province is one of the largest tourism hubs in the country, and also has many natural and historical areas to attract tourists; Persian provinces can shine in this project.

According to this report, students can send their submitted works to the secretariat of the project to the address (Telegram and Instagram) mobaleghin_gardeshgari until September 6, 2014 .

Terms of submission of works:

The duration of the film should be three to five minutes

Individuals must be present in their submitted works and provide the necessary explanations

Submitted films must be horizontal to be judged

_Maximum size of movies is 30 MB and movies do not have subtitle logo and title

It is necessary to enter the name of the sender and the province and the place of the work in the caption (subtitle of the submitted file)

The manner of expression and body language are influential in judging

Introducing newer (not so famous) places is effective in judging

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