“We are witnessing increasing decline in hegemonic system”

The secretary of the Supreme National Security Council of Iran (SNSC) Rear Admiral Ali Shamkhani made the comments on the second of the national conference dubbed “Geometry of New World Order” being held in Tehran-based Supreme National Defense University on Thursday.
“The new world order either can be a very big and brilliant opportunity for us, or it can also be a threat and factor for the collapse of any country,” Admiral Shamkhani said.
“Whether the new world order is an opportunity, or a threat depends on our behavior and preparation for those changes. We must prepare ourselves. Prepare and increase our resilience towards global changes,” he added.
“If we prepare ourselves in accordance with the existing conditions and taking into account the various aspects of changes in the world order, we can be ready for these developments and take advantage of this new world order. The new world order initially means the turbulence in the existing order and the changes and transformations in the ruling order, namely anarchy. The change in the world order is not positive in itself, but it is our preparation and our role-playing in the new world order that can make the new world order for us positive,” he added.
The SNSC secretary went on to say that “Any new world order which is not a justice-based and a divine order is an order for global hegemonic system for gaining power. The existing conditions can be in favor of the Axis of Resistance, but we should not turn the doctrine of Resistance into the doctrine of domination, any changes in the doctrine of Resistance can result in damaging it. Today, we are witnessing the decline and increasing weakness of the hegemonic system, which is considered an opportunity for the Resistance Front. The Resistance doctrine in this situation is not to participate in order-making, but it should use the anarchy [in line with its strength].”

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