Western states seeking division between OPEC countries

Raeisi made the remarks in a meeting with the Secretary-General of OPEC Haitham al-Ghais in Tehran on Saturday.

Considering the constructive interaction of OPEC members with each other as an important factor in the success of this international organization, the Iranian president added that the Islamic Republic of Iran has always had constructive cooperation with this organization and wants to continue and improve the level and strengthen this cooperation.

Stating that the philosophy of forming OPEC is to support the rights of oil producers and prevent discrimination against them, Raeisi expressed hope that the OPEC organization will be able to bring peace to the oil market in the new era of its activity.

Haitham al-Ghais, for his part, considered the Islamic Republic of Iran as one of the founding members of the OPEC that has always had useful, effective, and constructive cooperation with this organization and its members.

“Iran, both at the ministerial level and at the technical level, has always acted to strengthen the cohesion and unity of OPEC members,” he stressed.

The OPEC Secretary-General also touched upon the latest situation in the oil market and said, “I hope that with the unity of opinion among OPEC members and benefiting from the support and constructive cooperation of the Islamic Republic of Iran, we will be able to bring peace to the market.”


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