World should help Iran in fight against drug trafficking

Mohsen Naziri Asl made the remarks in the special meeting of the Narcotics Commission, which was held on the occasion of International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking in Vienna on Monday.
The Iranian envoy presented some of the achievements of the Islamic Republic of Iran in this field and explained Iran’s fundamental positions regarding the global drug problem and also the regional situation. 
He expressed hope that the prohibition of drugs in Afghanistan will lead to a significant reduction in the production of these drugs, urging the international community to help Afghan farmers to have alternative sources of income in exchange for not cultivating poppy. 
Elsewhere in his remarks, Naziri Asl said that in recent years, Iran has set a unique record in terms of drug seizures and combating drug traffickers in the world.
According to him, on average, over 90% of opium seizures, 27% of heroin seizures, and 59% of morphine seizures in the world in recent years have taken place in Iran.
This issue has come at a high economic and human cost to the Islamic Republic of Iran, he added. 
Naziri Asl urged the international community, especially countries that benefit the most from the reduction in drug trafficking, to support Iran’s fight against international drug trafficking.

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