Zionist regime takes hostage US foreign policy towards Iran: Kanaani

Speaking at a weekly press conference on Monday, Kanaani pointed to the continuous consultations between the American and Israeli officials regarding Iran and said, “It is not a new thing. Unfortunately, based on documents and evidence, the Zionist regime has taken hostage the US foreign policy toward Iran”.

Regarding the nuclear issue, the spokesman emphasized, “The nuclear issue isn’t the only issue of Iran’s foreign policy and the agreement is also a bilateral issue. As we said before, the country that violated the JCPOA and should be accountable is the US”.

“Iran’s policy toward the nuclear issue is crystal clear and it acts in the same framework. We are ready to conclude nuclear talks based on the package that has been presented and we will continue to maintain our own redlines in this regard,” he added.

Kanaani also underlined that the exchange of messages and reflection of views between Tehran and Washington are being carried out through different ways.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Kanaani announced that visits by Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi to Türkiye and Syria are being planned.

Speaking about the US-Venezuela relations and their impact on Iran-Venezuela relations, Kanaani said, “Bilateral interactions between states and governments are shaped based on the two sides’ own interests and considerations. The bilateral relations between Iran and Venezuela are at the highest level, and the two countries have strategic cooperation. The bilateral economic cooperation documents of the two countries are a very good road map for strengthening relations”.

The spokesman once again slammed obscene cartoon published by French magazine Charlie Hebdo, saying the move was a clear case of hate speech and a provocation.

Answering a question about some of Iraqi official’s use of the fake phrase instead of the Persian Gulf, Kanaani said, “The Islamic Republic has reacted in this regard. The Persian Gulf is the Persian Gulf and nothing in this regard will change this historical fact in any way. After being informed, we officially protested the Iraqi government in this regard”.

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