President Raeisi made the comments in an interview with the Lebanese Al-Mayadeen TV, which is close to resistance groups in the Middle East.
The Zionist regime is angry with Tehran-Riyadh relations, the president of Iran said, describing Iran and Saudi Arabia as two influential countries in the region.
The Zionists are not able to preserve their own security, according to Raeisi, adding that while the Israeli regime gets weaker and weaker, the resistance groups are growing stronger and stronger.
He went on to say that “Any Israeli action against Iran would mean the destruction of that regime.”
Elsewhere, the president stressed that Americans must leave Syria immediately, “Syria should exercise its sovereignty over all its lands….We are ready to cooperate with the people and government of Syria in reconstructing their country.”
He noted that the Americans are not in Syria to fight terrorism, saying “We must reveal the lies of the American fight against terrorism and let the whole world know that they are instead handling terrorism.”