Speaking on Thursday afternoon in a meeting with Faisal Mekdad, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Syria, during his visit to Syria, Ebrahim Raeisi stated that Iran has been a friend of regional countries during their difficult times, and said, “Iran was a friend and supporter of the Syrian nation and government during the resistance period and the brotherhood between the two resistant nations of Iran and Syria will continue.”
The President added, “The Resistance Movement, especially in Palestine, has crippled the Zionist Regime and today’s approach of expansionism and occupation has failed. The Zionist Regime also planned to divide Syria with the support of the United States and Western countries, as well as the fielding of terrorist groups created by the United States, but they did not succeed.”
Raeisi stated, “The Zionists with the support of their western supporters are pursuing a separatist policy in Sudan today, and the people of Sudan and the Islamic world must be careful of the Zionists’ plots and know that the most important need for Muslim nations today is unity and that the Islamic Republic is the herald and inviter of all Muslims to unity.”
In this meeting, Faisal Mekdad, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Syria, while presenting a report on the most important developments in the region, and said that the developments in the region indicate the growing trend of Iran-Syria relations.
The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Syria stated, “Iran has good capacities in the fields of economy, trade, energy, science and technology, which can be used to improve the level of relations between the two countries, and we must follow the implementation of the agreements made between the two countries seriously.”