Zionists regime destruction near: IRGC chief

General Salami made the remarks at a meeting with the family of Martyr Hassan Tehrani Moghaddam, who was an Iranian military officer in the Aerospace Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and designer of Iran’s ballistic missile project. 
Salami said that Martyr Tehrani Moghaddam never got disappointed and used to be hopeful to get his favored results with reliance on God.
The IRGC chief pointed to the sentence written the tombstone of the martyr Tehrani Moghaddam that reads,”Here is the burial of someone who wanted to destroy Israel”, saying, “Today, witnessing the decline of the enemies, especially the usurping and child-killing Zionists, the wish and dream of Haj Hassan who in the way of defending the oppressed and the strength of the Islamic Ummah made many efforts, God willing, will be materialized soon. ”
He further described the “Father Iran’s missile program “as one of the people who sought to increase the power of Islam in the world.

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