Israeli regime uses “inappropriate force” in Gaza, NRC reported on Tuesday while saying that it has seen the memo from the Dutch embassy in Tel Aviv. The memo related to the Zionist approach towards its war in Gaza was provided by the Dutch defense attache in the embassy who along with a military team observed the situation in Gaza carefully.
Israeli regime’s actions in the Gaza Strip are a “violation of international treaties and the laws of war,” according to the report.
It added that the Zionist regime “intends to deliberately cause enormous destruction to infrastructure and civilian centers.”
The regime forces apply “elements” of the Dahiya doctrine, a strategy first used in the war in Lebanon in 2006 to deliberately cause mass destruction to infrastructures and civilian centers, and this is a violation of laws of the war, the memo says.
Since October 7, over 11,150 Palestinians more than 8,000 of whom were children and women have been killed in Gaza.